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 JConnector Module

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Version: 1.1 (last update on Sep 30, 2009),
CompatibilityJoomla! 1.5 Native
License: GPLv2 or later
Type: Non-Commercial
Date Added: 29.10. 2010
Download: button
Developer: JConnector, mod:TcLadin
Website: JConnector
jConnector allows your members to sign in using Facebook Connect. Instead of using a cumbersome registration form, users can register within seconds.

Light modificated original JConnector 1.1 (last update on Sep 30, 2009).
  • sending correct email, not hashed, but only for FB web app developer :-(. 
  • module class prefix enabled
  • button adapt for rhuk_milkyway _menu template
  • Joomla send validation e-mail to e-mail like 790325056@666787291.rnd. And mailer deamon bring "failure notice" . like :I′m afraid I wasn′t able to deliver your message to the following addresses."
      turn off a validation e-mail at Joomla system options and at CB configuration too havent effect
  • component somewhere make pages load loop, found at CB, HWDshare
  • problem with email adress sending via old API, wich this version used. administrator can get user e-mail from Facebook. new API and javascrip not included in this version, details about Jconnector FB API email issue
  • Joomla backend->Extensions->install -> jconnector-1.1-tcladin
  • Joomla backend->Extensions-> modules ->  jconnector
    define Module Class Suffix, API key, API secre
How to obtain FB API: Links sources: Pictures:
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0 # peter 2011-03-21 16:33

I downloaded your jconnector, and it worked fantastic. But when I tried to test it again (i deleted the user), and i want to register again, the e-mail adress was empty. What can cause this? Please help me.

thx a lot!
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0 # Administrator 2011-08-18 18:06
I apologize for the delay.
Unfortunately, the module still do not develop further. The basic problem is that this module is built on the old facebook API. And just for getting e-mail from Facebook to Joomla is a new API needed. Well remake is to make a new one.
Together with you I hope that such one unlicensed module comming soon.
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